Monday, 23 August 2010


drawverb1 he drew the house: sketch, make a drawing (of), delineate, outline,draft, rough out, illustrate, render, represent, trace; portray, depict.2 she drew her chair closer to the fire: pull, haul, drag, tug, heave, lug, trail,tow; informal yank.3 the train drew into the station: move, go, come, proceed, progress, travel,advance, pass, drive; inch, roll, glide, cruise; forge, sweep; back.4 she drew the curtains: close, shut, lower; open, part, pull back, pull open, fling open, raise.5 the doctor drew some fluid off the knee: drain, extract, withdraw, remove,suck, pump, siphon, milk, bleed, tap.6 he drew his gun: pull out, take out, produce, fish out, extract,withdraw; unsheathe.7 I drew on my line of credit: withdraw, take out.8 while I draw breath: breathe in, inhale, inspire, respire.9 she was drawing huge audiences: attract, interest, win, capture, catch,engage, lure, entice; absorb, occupy, rivet, engross, fascinate,mesmerize, spellbind, captivate, enthrall, grip.10 what conclusion can we draw? deduce, infer, conclude, derive, gather,glean.

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