Thursday, 2 September 2010

02.09.2010 bis


hereditaryadjectivea hereditary rightinheritedbequeathedwilledhanded-down,passed-downpassed-ontransferredancestralfamilyfamilial.a hereditary diseasegeneticcongenitalinborninheritedinbred,innatein the familyin the bloodin the genes.
I also have a line in my ear, just like my Father did, my Mother does,
and my Uncle. It poses a question: is it genetic, and then why do both
my parents have the same line, or, do we all sleep with our ears
folded on our pillows?

Digital Photographs of ear,without Red Earth, Seydisfjördur24.08.2010with Red Earth, Villanchern-CH02.08.2010

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