Monday, 22 November 2010


(pp 5) ... The belief in the infernal art of witchcraft is perhaps the most horrid, as it certainly is the most absurd, phenomenon in the religious history of the world. Of the millions of victims sacrificed on the alters of religion this particular delusion can claim a considerable proportion. By a moderate computation, nine millions have been burned of hanged since the establishment of Christianity. ...

(pp 213/214)...  It might be possible to from an imperfect estimate of how many thousands were sacrificed in the Jacobian persecution in Scotland alone from existing historical records, which would express, however, but a small proportion of the actual number: and parish registers may still attest the quantity of fuel provided at a considerable expense, and the number of the fires. By a moderate computation an average number of two hundred annually, making a total of eight thousand, are reckoned to have been burned in the last forty years of the sixteenth century.
    In England, from 1603 to 1680, seventy thousand persons are said to have been executed; and during the fifteen hundred years elapsed since the triumph of the Christian religion, millions are reckoned to have been sacrificed on the bloody alters of the Christian Moloch. ...

Source: The superstition of Witchcraft, by Howard Williams; Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1865

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