Friday, 28 January 2011


Two Pins
photographic documentation

... hee was put to the most severe and cruell paine in the worlde, called the bootes, who, after he had recieved three trokes, being inquired if hee would confess his damnable actes and wicked life, his toong would not serve him to speake, in respect whereof the rest of the witches willed to searche his toong, under which they found two pinnes thrust up into the heade; whereupon the witches did say, now is the charm stinted, and shewed, that those charmed pinnes were the cause he could not confesse any thing …

Source: Rare and curious tracts on witchcraft and the second sight, Edinburg, 1820 pp27
“A true discourse of the apprehension of sundrie witches lately taken in Scotland; where some are executed and some are yet imprisoned.-with particular recitall of their examinations, taken in the presence of the King's Majestie (1591)”

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