Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Lang Long: Pa yo pi sal yo met di sa yo vle deye lom
(Those who are dirtier can say what they want behind a man's back)
photographic documentation
Servite Convent of Montesenario

Lang Long (Long Tongue) Racine Pierre
..."I started at Mardi Gras in 1983. The reason I started was to point out what people say in front of you is different from what they say behind your back. The tongue is a knife that cuts both ways. You must look up and look down, because something you don't see can always poke you in the eye. Words are not dirty themselves - but the way they are used can be bad."...

Source: "Kanaval, vodou, politics and revolution on the streets of Haiti", photography and oral history by Leah Gordon; words by Madison Smartt Bell, Don Cosentino, Richard Fleming, Kathy Smith & Myron Beasley; Soul Jazz Publishing, London 2010

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