Friday, 25 February 2011


Cornu, gran cornu, ritortu cornu... (Part II)
performance documentation 

..."The natives weave their hair into fantastic shapes. If a person has very fine hair, he puts a few thorns in it to keep off the evil eye. Should the evil eye fall on his hair, his head would break out in sores."...

...   "Cornu, gran cornu, ritortu cornu;
Russa la pezza, tortu lu cornu,
tu fazzu scornu:
Vaju e ritornu,
Cornu! cornu! cornu!

Trans: Horn, big horn, twisted horn; Red the cloth, crooked the horn, I mock you: I go and come back, Horn! horn!  horn! "...

Source: The Evil Eye: A Case Book, Ed. Alan Dundes; University of Wisconsin Press, 1981, 1992
pp 83_Shilluk's Belief in the Evil Eye, by Rev. D.S.Oyler
pp 136_ Jettatura and the Evil Eye, by Giuseppe Pitrè

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