Monday, 28 March 2011

28.03.2011 bis

un pugniddu di sali sutta lì capiddi

photographic documentation

..."The fiercest enemies of jettatura tie the ribbon-red, of course- to (their)horns to multiply the protection a hundredfold. Others use a plumerial leaf (agone americano), salt,  red pepper, bone (fuso). But the most sceptical have no faith in these; they consider then ineffective, good only for certain silly women who feel absolutely safe when they've sewn a salt crystal (uogghi di sau in Nicosia) inside their underwear or hidden some powdered salt under their hair (s'agghiummunianu un pugniddu di sali sutta lì capiddi, Alcamo)."

Source: The Evil Eye: A Case Book, Ed. Alan Dundes; University of Wisconsin Press, 1981, 1992 pp 136_ Jettatura and the Evil Eye, by Giuseppe Pitrè

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