Sunday, 24 April 2011



IN the beginning there was nothing but God, and God slept and dreamed. For ages and ages did this dream last. But it was fated that he should wake up. Having roused himself from sleep, he looked round about him, and every glance transformed itself into a star. God was amazed, and began to travel, to see what he had created with his eyes. He travelled and travelled, but nowhere was there either end or limit. As he travelled, he arrived at our earth also; but he was already weary; sweat clung to his brow. On the earth fell a drop of sweat: the drop became alive, and here you have the first man. He is God's kin, but he was not created for pleasure: he was produced from sweat; already in the beginning it was fated for him to toil and sweat.

Source: Sixty Folk-Tales from Exclusively Slavonic Sources, by A.H. Wratislaw, [1890],pp 252; Serbian stories from Carniola, XLVII. THE ORIGIN OF MAN (Odkuda chovyek). 'The Neven', 1858, pp60  at

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