Monday, 16 November 2015

15.11.2015 bis

From the series: Conversations
Walking with Fear II (diptych) and IV (diptych)
"To the Man who killed the Dragon"
ink on paper
14.6 x 10.6 cm



Then the seven heads of the dragon were brought out, and the king said that because the marshal had killed the dragon he was giving him his daughter, but the huntsman opened their mouths and asked where the tongues were. Then the marshal went very white and said that dragons have no tongues. The huntsman replied that liars should have no tongues and that the dragon tongues were the sign of the victor. Then he opened the handkerchief and put each tongue back in the proper mouth and showed the handkerchief with the princess's name embroidered on it to the princess and asked her to whom she had given it, and she answered,
"To the man who killed the dragon."


Grimms' Fairy Tales, The Two Brothers

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